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world situation is turbulent


13 2022

Recently, the world situation is turbulent, the economic development continues to be sluggish, the future situation is uncertain, and ordinary people have been seriously affected, resulting in frequent occurrence of extreme events. On July 8, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was attacked and killed in broad daylight and under heavy protection. The suspect was a former member of the Self-Defense Force in his early 40s. Against the backdrop of great international turmoil, such "black swan" events will only increase. It is worth noting that Abe has just died, and another country in Asia is in political turmoil.


On July 9, large-scale demonstrations broke out in Sri Lanka. People from all over the world spontaneously poured into the capital Colombo to participate in the demonstrations. The situation was out of control. Large numbers of protesters held flags and slogans and chanted slogans calling for the president to step down. More than 100,000 people gathered outside the presidential residence as local police fired shots into the sky and tried to disperse protesters with tear gas and water cannons, to no avail. The anger of the people reached unprecedented levels, and they finally broke through the cordon and rushed directly into the presidential residence. Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa was forced to leave the capital, and a large number of officials fled Colombo by plane in order to protect themselves.

Faced with the extreme dissatisfaction of the people, both the President and the Prime Minister agreed to step down. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also expressed his willingness to resign in order to form a new government involving all parties. Rajapaksa informed the Speaker that he had decided to resign on July 13 to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The change of regime has temporarily calmed the mood of the people, and the chaos is far from over, as economic and social crises still plague this South Asian island nation of 22 million people

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